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Blog: Happy Birthday to Us Contest!


In celebration of QFT’s two-year birthday, and in conjunction with the release of our latest issue, we are having a giveaway!

Blog: Strange Charms: COMICS!

This is largely unrelated to the specific contents of this issue, other than the fact that this is what I’ve been thinking about while working on this issue.

I was out of work for most of the last month with some sort of creeping lung disease. My doctor gave me some names of what happened, using words that end with “itis” and “olis” and the like. I reckon it was probably a xenomorph that my body managed to abort.

After about 2 weeks of illness you start to worry about what your employer will do with you if you stay sick and can’t work. After 3 weeks, you stop caring and just want it all to end. You start doing anything (more…)

Blog: Writing Prompt 30 Oct., 2014

Writing Prompt:

Today was a day like any other. You got up, went through the routine of getting ready for work, and got out the door. As you merge onto the highway for your normal daily commute, you silently curse that traffic is backed up. In fact, you’ve only gone a few hundred yards before traffic stops completely. You’re completely blocked in, so there’s nothing to do but sit it out. The radio station is playing one of your favorite new songs, so you try to relax. Suddenly, the morning show personality cuts into the song with an emergency warning. Now you know why traffic is stopped, and panic begins to set in.


Blog: Love this costume design. iamalfff: Negative Stacey – Mary…

Love this costume design.


Negative Stacey – Mary Jane 

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Blog: SPACE GIRL! pardoart: Space Encounter



Space Encounter

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Blog: Design Crush

Design Crush

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Blog: Marvel Announces MCU Wave 3


Today Marvel announced 9 new movies for the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the next 5 years. (more…)

Blog: Lost in a Story

Can you enjoy a beautiful place even if you are lost in it?

Sometimes I will read a great book or story, but I don’t exactly know what is going on. If I read through a few chapters and still don’t get it, I might go to Wikipedia and read the synopsis up to the point I am at. After I have a better grasp on the story, I can enjoy it even more.

Is it the writer’s fault that I am not clever enough to pick up on all the subtle plot details?

I believe that there is a spectrum of style in being blunt and subtle. Some writers have every detail explained and every question answered before you can ask it. Some writers don’t seem to notice that you have joined them in their narrative and don’t bother to explain what is going on.

Is a book flawed if you have to go to Wikipedia to understand the plot? I’ll let you think about that.

If the place is beautiful enough, I don’t mind being lost for a while.

-Schrödinger’s Cat

Blog: ok, not only do I want to read this comic i want to read like,…

ok, not only do I want to read this comic i want to read like, 15 different stories about what is going on here.


Gorilla robs bookstore

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Blog: Been seeing this X-over idea pop up frequently, but this is one…

Been seeing this X-over idea pop up frequently, but this is one of the best illustrations I’ve seen of it. I approve.


because yes! so much of it~

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