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Blog: So Han Solo, Star Lord, and Malcolm Reynolds walk into a…

So Han Solo, Star Lord, and Malcolm Reynolds walk into a bar…

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Blog: cosplaysleepeatplay: Wonder Woman by Lock Lotta time and…


Wonder Woman by Lock

Lotta time and effort on this costume.

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Blog: Gaiman



Neil Gaiman goes up to the counter and orders the Salted Caramel Mocha. While waiting for his order, Gaiman begins a conversation with an elderly woman sitting by the window. She weaves for him a long story, filled with old fears and familiar monsters. The protagonist seems more and more…

I read 4 pages of the archive of this blog and now I think I know what I”m going to do the rest of today.

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Interestingly to me is that every article suggest Will Smith might sign on for Suicide Squad. This to me is interesting casting. Will Smith is an actor who is incredibly picky about what he does and despite some recent bombs he’s still a brand, one who has been outside these superhero comic…

Outside adaptations, yes, but he has done a superhero. I know critics panned Hancock, but audiences seemed to like it. I think Smith showed he can do a superhero.

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Blog: pinuparena: By Elsa Chang Space Girl. Woo!


By Elsa Chang

Space Girl. Woo!

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Blog: Since NYCC…


…I have become obsessed with the idea of a Tiffany Fox, Batgirl of the Future comic. I think twelve year old Tiff, with allies the League of Batgirls, could be huge.

She’s twelve. She has pink nunchucks.

And she’s Batgirl.

Man, I would read that.

I would read that SO HARD.

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Blog: insomniacsdreamproductions: New York Comic Con 2014 Cin’ Von…


New York Comic Con 2014

Cin’ Von Quinzel as Lady Octopus

Photographer: Jonathan Modest (Insomniac’s Dream Productions)

Those are some impressive Doc Ock arms.

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Blog: comicbookcosplay: Akida Oh Aki Cosplay rendition of Supergirl…


Akida Oh Aki Cosplay rendition of Supergirl Inspired by Various Source and her own person spin. 

Submitted by 

You have to admit, the boots are better than the New 52 boots.

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Blog: Mork versus Dick.

When it was suggested I do a Mork fan fiction I immediately thought of crossing him over with 3rd Rock From the Sun because they had identical premises. It seemed a natural fit. And I think it suggested a great, and easy, plot for a single episode. Both Mork and the Solomons are essentially anthropologists studying Earth culture for their respective home worlds.

Mork, Dick, and Tom, half naked.
Picture included because I love the idea of Robin Williams and John Lithgow meeting shirtless.

Characters maybe you don’t know

  • Mork is an alien from Ork, sent to learn about Earth

    Mindy is his Earthling roommate, and later, his wife.


  • Orson is Mork’s superior, and is never seen, but interacts with Mork at the end of each episode when Mork “phones home.”


  • Dick Solomon is the leader of a group of aliens who have taken on Earth forms and emotions to learn about Earthlings. Before these forms, they were asexual, and emotionless, widening the cultural misunderstandings that even Mork puts up with.


  • Sally Solomon is the group’s military expert.


  • Tom Solomon is the oldest alien, so was assigned to be a teenager because he was thought to be the only one mature enough to handle it.


  • Harry Solomon is the weird one, and acts as a “radio” whenever they contact their superior back home.


  • The Big Giant Head is the 3rd Rock team’s superior, and is on screen only for a few episodes.


  • Mary Albright is an Earthling, at first irritated with but eventually falls for Dick. Unlike Mindy, she doesn’t learn Dick’s true identity early on.


The Story

Mindy makes Mork join a gym to get in shape:
While there, he meets Dick and Tom in the locker room.
Dick is there to impress his girlfriend, and he dragged Tom along so he wouldn’t be alone
Mork; “I’ve just never seen a naked human man before.”
Dick: “Neither have I.”
Both look as they realize what they’ve said. Tom slaps Dick on the back of the head.
Realizing their common ground, Dick invites Mork to bring Mindy over to the Solomon home for dinner.

When Dick and Tom get home:
Dick: “We’ve invited over some new friends.”
Harry: “I don’t like your friends.”
Tom: “He’s an alien! Just like us!”
Harry: “I don’t really like aliens.”
Dick: “Trust me, Harry, You’ll love ‘em.”
Harry; “I don’t really trust you.”
Dick: “Harry, I’m the commander of this mission. I order you to love them!”
Harry: “well, ok boss.”

When Mork and Mindy arrive:
Harry flirts badly with Mindy.
Mark and Dick get into a competition where they try to out-alien each other with exploits, conquests, and general weirdness
Mindy and Mary, both present, are frustrated and confused, respectively.
After dinner Dick explains that he didn’t mean Harry should try to steal Mindy
Harry: “Oh. I see. So that’s how it is.”

Mork and Dick both report back to their respective off-planet supervisors – it is revealed that they are former college room mates who pranked each other frequently.
Some conversation follows, and ends with split screen, both bosses saying at the same time “I hate that guy.”
Mork and Harry are both ordered to sabotage each other’s missions.

They have a series of pranks. Really amateur, basic ones they both fall for. Harry hits on Mork every time they see each other.

Mindy and Mary, frustrated with Dick and Mork’s behavior, tell them how stupid it is, and finally convince them to reconcile.
When they do, Dick tells Harry he doesn’t have to love Mork. He can just love himself.
Harry looks at his hand.

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Blog: Hey. I’m trying to become the greatest writer of all time. Do you have any tips?

Yes. Write the greatest books of all time.

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